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katie cafaro sound of music color march 23 2016

the sound of music and cabaret

escaping nazi europe onstage

This article contains spoilers for “The Sound of Music” and “Cabaret.” The Kit Kat Club is raucous onstage. Clothing is scant and tight-fitting, and the décor is seedy and gaudy; the audience is entranced and a little uncomfortable. The host, the Emcee, delights in this. The protagonist, a young American novelist, is entranced and uncomfortable as…

Emily Reif jw turner color nov 18 2015

time machine

which historical period would you live in?

“Honestly, I would say I would stay in the present. Because, a) technology. I don’t think I could live without running water and toilets and all those things. And b) being an Asian woman in America at any other time besides the present would be far worse than presently. So I’m okay staying here. It’s…

mary oconnor french film director interview feb 24 2016

paris in providence

a q&a with french film festival director richard blakely

Corinne: For people who don’t know the French Film Festival, could you give a brief overview from your perspective? Richard Blakely: It was started 21 years ago. This is its 21st anniversary, so it can drink now (laughs). This year I think it’s a good strong program because the films—if you noticed—all except one, are…

emma marguiles tell tale tweet feb 10 2016

The Tell-tale Tweet

how nine words erected one direction’s gay empire

 “Always in my heart @Harry_Styles. Yours sincerely, Louis.” With over 1.85 million retweets, the above words constitute the second most shared tweet in the history of Twitter. Sent from Louis Tomlinson, eldest member of English-Irish boy band One Direction, to bandmate Harry Styles, the message is a rallying cry for a subset of 1D fans who…

emily reif ratty food feb 10 2016

the ratty’s underbelly

a fresh look at the sharpe refectory

As the largest dining hall on campus, the Sharpe Refectory often sits as an object of affectionate disdain. To most of the student body, the Refectory is just a single floor with old booths and an outdated 1950s-service-style cafeteria. But they don’t know what happens below. Home to the quirky administrative staff and energetic culinary…