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michelle ng gilmore girls revival

gilmore girls escapism

a revival worth watching

October 5, 2016. 7:30 a.m.   Vanuatu Coffee Roasters, a local coffee shop on Federal Hill, is swarmed with at least a hundred people—many of them sporting Brown University sweatshirts. Cars driving down Atwells Avenue slow down and cause traffic as drivers and passengers alike do comical double-takes to survey the long line forming down…

jenice kim Auf Wiedersehen

auf wiedersehen


On March 7, 2008, Jesse McCartney released the music video for his single “Leavin’,” setting fire to the loins of teens, tweens, and twinks across the nation. The video opens with a frenetic series of out-of-focus jump cuts that flicker between a half-undressed McCartney and the object of his affection, an unnamed girl clad in…

america, being america

after the election

When George Bush won re-election in 2004, my mother threw a tissue box at the TV screen. During the campaign, she’d marched in anti-war rallies, canvassed for John Kerry, and called our representatives. She was tired and frustrated and wanted more for our country. I was almost 10. I didn’t know then how visceral, how…

emma marguiles a review of loving and moana

unfamiliar waters

loving and moana at the movies

Loving, Jeff Nichols’ new biopic about the couple at the center of the Supreme Court case that ended anti-miscegenation laws in the United States, is neither truly a biopic nor a film about the center of anything. The name’s on the nose, but only incidentally—Richard Loving (Joel Edgerton) was a white laborer who, in 1958,…

lore Soco Fernandez Garcia

bump in the night

thoughts on an enlightening and frightening podcast

Imagine sitting by a campfire in the woods on a dark, cloudy night. You feel the warmth of the fire, but you still wrap yourself in a blanket to protect yourself from the chilly breeze. Sitting next to you is a friendly and gifted storyteller. This storyteller reminds you of your favorite lecturers at university,…