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diana hong as the world watches 1

the world watches

our planet’s latest entertainment: the 2016 US Election.

I felt the pleasant buzz settle in as I finished off my bottle of wine. Swaying slowly in time with the music, my consciousness drifted among the sea of students celebrating the start of our mid-semester break. The dim lights illuminated my friend Sarah’s long, curly hair as she threw her head back and laughed…

julie benbassat color Reflection on 3 Years Past

growing up

reflections on three years passed

As my final year gets into gear, I have been pulled into a sense of nostalgia for the last three years. It’s true I have a quarter of my time here at Brown left to go, but it feels like this year is going faster than the previous three, and I don’t quite know how…

katie cafaro calling it as it is black and white sep 14 2016

calling it like it is

if you see something, say something.

CW: street harassment, sexual assault Lately, I’ve been wondering if cunt is shorthand for woman who doesn’t take bullshit. That, or—if we were living in an alternate universe, as the 2016 U.S. presidential election has me wishing we were—it’s an attempt to normalize female genitalia. When kids scream Vagina! with the same glee as Penis!…

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can we still be friends?

Is there someone in your life who would have rap battles with you, draw Mother Buddha in class, meditate during class break, write lots of poems in traditional Chinese, and use magazines as notebooks? Most likely not. Because she is the most unique person I’ve ever encountered in my life. Back in high school, we…

stephanie zhou rigatoni bolognese march 16 2016

cooking and adulthood

spending senior spring with food and friends

There are certain life moments I’ve visualized as being distinctly adult: having my own apartment, throwing dinner parties, and relaxing in front of the TV with a glass of wine. My younger self, having absorbed too much Food Network and too many lifestyle magazines, waited eagerly for a “grown-up life,” full of these moments that…