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Overheard @Brown 12/06

“Is it weird that I’m waxing your legs right now?” “Finals are my favorite time because we’re dying but like together.”

Hot Post- Time Machine 12/06

“I’m intimidated by people for whom tap water is not good enough at restaurants.” —The Unpretentious Humor of Mindy Kaling by Anita Badejo (Friday December 2 2011)   “The yo-yo incident of ‘98 was handled with discretion and care…” —Holiday Memories: four editors, two holidays by Amelia Stanton, Jennifer Harlan, Zoë Hoffman, and Charles Pletcher…

Top 10 Presents We’ve Received from Family

Socks A painting of Sitting Bull Sweaters old ladies would wear fishing Bread made of styrofoam A stocking full of Cole (Sprouse magazine cutouts) Globe with no names of countries Cereal Dog treats A brown bag with younger sister’s hair Managing Your Money for Dummies      

hot post- time machine

“He was wearing his black baseball cap and it reminded me of a duck billed platypus — my thoughts in the morning are seldom coherent.” – Tushar Bhargava, Unspeakable Phantom, 11.12.2015  “How did we just elect a man who names his son fucking Barron?” – Joshua Wartel, Turn off the Trump TV, 11.17.2016

overheard at brown

“I thought the LSATs were the Spanish SAT.” “There was no food at the meetings, so I asked them to take me off the listserv.”