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the everyday beauty of ballet

capturing unstaged moments with festival ballet

These photos were born out of a collaboration with Festival Ballet Providence, Rhode Island’s premiere ballet company. I initially reached out because ballet was an unknown art form to me and I wanted to learn more about it through photography. At first, I didn’t really know what moments I wanted to capture, and I shot…

Overheard@Brown 3/16

“Diagrams are the foreplay of a good essay.” “I stopped being cute March of last year.” “Isn’t life just LARPing?”

Top Ten Numbers

two (months I have left to get a job) one (hour lost from daylight savings)   three (little pigs, or birds) se7en (good movie) five (the mambo’s number) eight (days a week) 99 (the number of problems I have) 3.14159265358979323 2.71828182845904523 (e, the less popular number to memorize) 7/11 (Beyoncé’s song) (also where I get…


to be in the kitchen

what happens to make a meal

The time between Christmas Eve morning and Christmas Eve night used to feel weeks long. This year was the first year I realized it was only ever a few hours. Of course there were also the days leading up to the party—the 22nd and the 23rd, and those, too, were small infinities—but it was only…