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Young Folks

spoiled but not rotten

In case you haven’t heard, we have a problem—and we’re it. I’m not just talking about we, the Brown University undergraduates, or even we, the college students of America. I’m talking about we, the millennials. Our vaguely defined generation is generally seen to lie between the ages of 18 and 34, though the significant difference…

Find Your Binder

an interview with the legend

It starts off slow. Through the mid-afternoon haze of residual hangover and stale PBR, you lift your hands and chant—or yell, or screech—“aaaaaa Burger King, a Burger King/ Kentucky Fried Chicken and a Burger King.” Your fearless leader, the one directing the crowd of bro tanks and neon shades on Wriston, reassures you: “Your brains…

Remember That Time?

…neither do we

Ahh, Spring Weekend. For seniors, a last-ditch effort to forget that graduation looms and a time to find ecstasy in a PBR or a succinctly rolled joint. For freshman, an elusive ideal that combines fraternity tank tops with the enigma of Dave Binder. For everyone, sort of a mess. In anticipation of a wonderfully fuzzy…

Sexual Miseducation

looking back on sex ed

We talk about sex a lot here at Post-, and we don’t just mean the conversations we have while we’re editing Sexicon, Emily Post-, or Bad Sex. We’re a close group of editors, and when the night progresses to the inevitable Spiritus run after the second round of copy edits … well, you can imagine…

The Shows that Snagged Me

four editors confess

Six Feet Under (HBO, 2001-2005)I stretched across the red leather couch in Annie’s living room, cold and covered in cat hair. I had arrived in Chicago a few hours earlier, on New Years Day; there are few people for whom I’d tolerate a three-hour delay at JFK, but Annie, an old friend from Pomona, is…