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A Good Vegan Place Is Hard To Find

A ranked guide to the best vegan-friendly places around Brown

Being vegan isn’t easy. Last semester I tried it on a rotating schedule—one vegan week every four weeks—and found it to be challenging. (For those wondering, of the three remaining weeks, I was vegetarian for two and had no restrictions for one.) I completely avoided encountering many of the challenges vegans face, especially since I…

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We Fight, We Makeup

watching the musical War Paint

The musical War Paint chronicles a bitter rivalry between Helena Rubinstein (Patti LuPone) and Elizabeth Arden (Christine Ebersole) as each strives to monopolize the cosmetic industry. Rubinstein and Arden each have their own major cosmetic companies, make large sacrifices for their work, and deal with a variety of pressures and prejudices. War Paint tries to…

Jenice kim into the woods march 16 2016

into the woods and out again

the reality of the fairy-tale musical

The Stephen Sondheim musical “Into the Woods” debuted on Broadway in 1987 and won 10 Tony Awards. Twenty-seven years later in 2014, a film adaptation produced by Disney hit the big screen. “Into the Woods” begins with a number of different fairy-tale-esque stories that each require going—where else?—into the woods. Once in the woods, the…