• Allegra Friedman

    “if you can’t breathe, just scream”

    on skydiving and tom petty’s “free fallin”

    April 1, 2021
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    Tom Petty’s song “Free Fallin’” begins with bright strumming on an acoustic guitar. Accompanied by a sunny chord progression, maracas, and soothing harmonies on the chorus, he sings about wanting to “glide down” over the earth and “free fall out into nothing.” Petty’s look in the music video has the same laid-back vibe as the […]

    vinyl and the pandemic

    learning how to listen again in a quieter world

    March 11, 2021
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    Putting a record on is a ritual: I sit on the floor in front of my turntable, plug it in, and turn the main dial until I feel a “click.” A red light appears, and I hear a small hum. Next, I take out whatever I’m going to play. The liner paper crinkles when I […]

    snowed in

    the austin winter storm and its aftermath

    March 5, 2021
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    I spent Valentine’s Day weekend snuggled up on the couch in Austin, Texas with Jason, a guy I started dating a couple of months ago. That afternoon, the temperature outside had dropped from our usual 70 and sunny to a chilly 15 degrees. Jason and I sat huddled inside, occasionally looking out the window for […]