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It Goes On and On and On

In Praise of John Green’s New Novel Turtles All the Way Down

I admire the diverse works of John Green. I enjoy the insightful and humorous video blogs he makes on his Vlogbrothers YouTube channel, which he runs with his brother, Hank. I also like the fun and educational Crash Course videos John collaborates on. And I admire the novels of his that I’ve read, partly because…

clarisse angkasa storyteller

The Storyteller

a fairy tale

You might have heard about me and how I saved a kingdom. How I volunteered to marry the king, a cruel, vicious man who would have killed me the morning after our wedding, as he had done to all his previous wives and as he planned to do to all of the women in the…

the language of resistance

in praise of solmaz sharif’s poetry

Language is powerful. Some of this power derives from its destructive consequences. In today’s political landscape, we are clearly witnessing one such harmful capability of language: its ability to conceal the truth and deny reality. “Alternative facts” is a phrase that serves as a smokescreen for what should be called blatant lies. This term possesses…

michelle ng dreams and how we interpret them

The one who dreams

my journeys from wake to sleep

I can’t remember when or where exactly, perhaps it was during a comedic program or on an entertainment website, but I once came across this figure or cliché of “the kind of person who talks about their dreams.” One website I found that discusses this figure is An article called “5 Things You Love…

Ruth Han horror during wartime

Horror during Wartime

Thoughts on Babak Anvari’s film Under the Shadow

I am fascinated by the horror genre. I read scary stories, watch horror films, and listen to creepy podcasts. My favorite works in this genre don’t just thrill me. They also rattle my mind and push me to grapple with heavy questions about human nature: about how humans react to threat or danger, or about…