Ameer Malik

megan tresca _portrait of a monster as a young man

portrait of a monster as a young man

thoughts on the novel “loner” by teddy wayne

[Trigger Warning: This article discusses sexual violence.]   Teddy Wayne’s Loner is not only one of the most disturbing and distressing novels I’ve ever read, it’s also one of the most important.   Wayne writes the story through the first-person point of view of David Federman, a first-year student at Harvard who is determined to…

lore Soco Fernandez Garcia

bump in the night

thoughts on an enlightening and frightening podcast

Imagine sitting by a campfire in the woods on a dark, cloudy night. You feel the warmth of the fire, but you still wrap yourself in a blanket to protect yourself from the chilly breeze. Sitting next to you is a friendly and gifted storyteller. This storyteller reminds you of your favorite lecturers at university,…

jenice kim page and screen

page and screen

thoughts on books, movies, and stories that travel across mediums

I’m trying to overcome the idea that I’ve missed out on something when I only watch a film adaptation of a book without reading the source material. I’m sure I’m not the only one who wants to stop thinking this. We often hear the phrase “The book was better,” or we learn that a film…

katie cafaro 22the god in my head22 color 2

the god inside my head

a merciless tyrant undeserving of my worship

It started when I was six, I think. My mind was stung with quick, piercing needles. My psyche was hit with thoughts that horrified me: vulgarities, blasphemies. I believed I was responsible for these sudden thoughts, and I believed that these thoughts were immoral, sinful. Whenever I tried to stop them, they became fiercer, more…

michelle ng kingdom come oct 5

kingdom come

in praise of the new black panther comic series

When I was younger, I loved reading comic books. However, I stopped reading them a long time ago since keeping up was getting difficult. I’m therefore thankful that I recently came across the wonderful world of digital comics and grateful that my return has occurred in time to read the new series “Black Panther: A…