Ameer Malik

Ruth han the names mar 2 2016

The names

a short story

During his New Year’s ritual of cleaning his apartment, Zaid opened the bottom drawer of his wood desk to find the prayer beads. There were 99 of them, made of plastic, dark blue and strung together in a loop by a thin string. He didn’t know if they had been lying there waiting for him,…

Jenice Kim google search, color version (nov 2 2015)

google search

the quest for life’s answers

A sad fact of life is that we will inevitably both get hurt by and hurt someone who close to us. It’s unavoidable; the Fates have woven this truth into our lives, and our tea leaves will always foretell this and other fuck-ups in our futures. Hurting a friend is especially brutal because intimacy removes…

bev johnson, how we  use smartphones, color, october 7 2015

screen saver

leaving the pocket-sized world

A photo of three or four Brown students popped onto the projector screen during my Psychology and Philosophy of Happiness class last semester. The students in the picture, a few standing, others sitting, were in a loose circle on a patch of grass. My professor pointed out that they were connected and disconnected at the…