• Amelia Wyckoff

    dyke sunday

    k.d. lang as a coming out lullaby

    February 11, 2021
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    We listened to the same five mix CDs over and over again in the car. I have my parents’ playlists memorized to this day; I can’t hear Neil Young without thinking “Track 7!” I remember Roy Orbison’s “Crying” vividly, featuring k.d. lang in harmony with her vast, blue vibrato. “Crying” was the first song I’d […]

    pod people

    where relationships start and covid doesn’t end

    October 8, 2020
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    Olivia Howe When my parents dropped me off in front of Keeney in September 2018, we were all thinking it: I would never really live at home again… Except winter breaks. Except freshman summer. Except quarantine. I had already stepped out of my childhood and closed the door, holding my foot over the edge of […]

    “i am here”

    the invisible labor of migraines

    September 17, 2020
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    CONTENT WARNING: Sexism, medical racism The fog usually rolls in around noon. My head becomes suspended in lukewarm air. My feet feel colder and my ears burn, just a little. The ache begins either with a pulsating, pounding pain or a dull buzz in the back of my skull. Once, my neurologist asked me to […]