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jenice kim _On Writing and the Words that Write Me

Don’t Make Waves

on writing as a “token minority”

I was walking into Faunce, planning to get a sandwich from the Blue Room, when a student approached me, “Excuse me, would you like to fill out a survey for the BDH?” “Sure, why not,” I replied, and was handed a clipboard with a piece of paper on it. Checking boxes can be hard when…

jenice kim perspective


Do You See What I See?

This past summer, I got LASIK surgery. The procedure took about twenty minutes the laser part taking fifteen seconds per eye. The doctors clamp open your eye, numb it, clean it, use an expensive machine to very precisely cut into your cornea with heat, spread some medicine on, and then move on to the next…

why seasons suck michelle ng

why seasons suck

a definitive ranking of seasons from worst to best

As fall turns into winter slowly and less brutally than I expected (thanks, climate change), I am once again forced to reflect on why I have so much hate in my heart for the seasons. I spent the first 19 years of my life in sunny, tropical Sri Lanka, five degrees above the equator. The…

julie benbassat color Reflection on 3 Years Past

growing up

reflections on three years passed

As my final year gets into gear, I have been pulled into a sense of nostalgia for the last three years. It’s true I have a quarter of my time here at Brown left to go, but it feels like this year is going faster than the previous three, and I don’t quite know how…