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strawberry generation

strawberry generation makes music

sweet tunes with “millennial snowflakes”

Two years ago, I remember going to the Underground for an event. How the event went and what friend I went with and what things I saw there, I can’t remember. But what I do remember is what I heard, from two people and a ukulele. Little did I know that I was witnessing the…

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straying from the obvious

“I don’t even know, if I’m gonna be honest.” Major walks around to the front of the truck, his black aviators glinting in the setting sun, heavy-duty brown boots thudding against the cool pavement. “I don’t know what kind of truck this is. But I can tell you some fun facts about it. The guy…

Who Knows BruNotes (Kira Widjaja)

Playing with Passion

A conversation with Neil Goh about BruNotes

When students think of community service at Brown, the larger, more well-known organizations associated with the Swearer Center often come to mind. Meanwhile, smaller, overlooked student groups, whose main recruitment strategies are booths at the activities fair, tend to have more specific goals that may better fit people’s personal interests. For example, BruNotes is a…