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revisiting childhood favorites as an almost-adult

“Always.” To any Harry Potter fan, this is the only proper response to the question posed in the title. To me, it’s one of four. As a Laura Ingalls Wilder devotee, I picture a little house in the big woods with a fire blazing and corn biscuits toasting. A Lemony Snicket enthusiast, I can imagine…

flavoured vodka and sparkly cheekbones 1

Flavored Vodka and Cheekbone Glitter

college parties as liminal spaces

It is the first Friday of the semester, and I’m sitting with my back pressed against my friend’s dresser, laughing as she snaps pictures for her Snapchat story. I will end the night curled on top of my bed, crying more than I have in over a year. After a series of lighthearted jabs from…

Emma Margulies where you lead

Where You Lead

In Defense of Revival Rory

Before I start, I should mention that this is not an unequivocal exoneration of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, Netflix’s reboot of the beloved, small-town mother-daughter dramedy I can easily call my favorite show.  I’ve still got too many feelings, not all of them good, about the whole endeavor, but I’m waiting on…

claribel wu never trust college eggs

Never Trust College Eggs

missing cooking while on meal plan

This advice came from a boy I knew for two weeks in July of 2015, a boy from Wisconsin I haven’t talked to since and who, really, I only knew through his roommate. Complicated relationships aside, his pithy lesson has stuck with me, and I still look warily at the industrial trays of scrambled eggs…


portrait of providence

meditations on transition while walking to whole foods

The streets are different here. It isn’t surprising, really, that the creative capital of New England would contrast with a midwestern college town half its size, but it’s most apparent in the streets. They bulge, wind, climb, crack. I trip a lot here. Tree roots swell under cobblestones and make the sidewalks twist. I like…