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redneck heartbreak

in defense of swift and the grand ole genre

One warm afternoon in the fall of 2008, my best friend Alex and I lay spread-eagle on the trampoline in her backyard and stared up at the cloudless Virginia sky. Taylor Swift’s “Hey Steven” played from the tinny speakers of my LG Chocolate Slide. We were two starry-eyed, self-involved preteen girls coming of age in…

soco EFG just gotta have fait finsta

The Art is in the Artifice

What Finstas Reveal about the Tech Age

According to Urban Dictionary, a Finsta is defined as “a fake Instagram account, so one can post ratchet pictures without persecution from sororities, jobs, and society as a whole.” Sure, Urban Dictionary might not be the most reliable of lexicons, but it does do a good job contextualizing the strange movements and obscene slangs that…

ruth han it started with a swan sep 21

it started with a swan

the inflatable pool toy craze

Have you seen the shapes inflatable pool toys are taking these days? And the preteens that are posing with them? It seems like every zoo animal under the sun has been caricatured and set adrift in infinity pools across America. And not just real animals—fictional animals, too! Animals we wish were animals. From Montauk to…