Anne Artley

Sleeping With the Enemy

questioning the roommate questionnaire

Along with  parties, class selections and the prospect of new friendships, roommates are often the most anticipated part of a college freshman’s first fall on campus. For many students, sharing a living space the size of a large changing room with a random stranger is a new experience, one that can either forge a lifelong…


Going Greek

brown embraces brotherly love

Ian Gray’s bedroom is not what you would expect for a stereotypical frat boy.  Multicolored teacups hang from the wall.  On the desk lies a tea cozy and a selection of bags: Earl Grey, English breakfast, peppermint.  A keyboard lies propped in the corner and an American flag dominates one of the walls.  Opposite the…

Chance Encounters

a review of trinity rep’s shooting star

Admit it, we’ve all done it: imagined a chance encounter with a former lover or crush.  In the movie playing in our heads, we’ve imagined what we would say, how he would act, and—most importantly—the way he would shake his head sadly, realizing you were the one that got away. This inner fantasy comes to…