• Anneliese Mair

    a brief history of sorry

    adj. (and int.)

    October 31, 2019
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    I do not recall the first time I was scolded, nor do I remember the first time I was Sorry for it. I don’t know when I first used Sorry to qualify my shortcomings, to ask for something, to excuse myself; I’m not sure when I adopted it as a space-filler, a shadow over the […]

    tenses of the sky

    a friendship becoming

    October 11, 2019
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    We sit at the knuckle of Lake Tahoe’s big toe: The shore, covered in pines, bends around the lake’s edge. The land thins into a small peninsula, peaking at the California-Nevada border. Far out on the lake, a boat races through the water, visible only by the faint white trail left in its wake. On […]