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(Im)Perfect Summers

In defense for the experimental

An internship with The New York Times. A research program at MIT. A community service trip to Peru. In communities like Brown, there is an unspoken pressure to have a perfect, enlightening, sparkling summer experience. Yet sometimes, even if we follow the traditional path of an overachiever by getting a desk job or traveling the…

jenice kim to throw a frisbee

to throw a frisbee

brown bucket list #3

nice kimMy freshman year, in an introductory art class, I became captivated by Edward Hopper’s painting Nighthawks, which portrays four people—a couple, a solitary man, and a waiter—in a downtown diner at night. It is cold and dark outside, but the diner is warm and well-lit. The details are brilliant, meticulous, but what makes this…

katie cafaro Negative Transaction at Lil Joes sep 28

negative transaction at lil joe’s

brown student responds to the haters

Subject: Re: Negative transaction at Lil Joe’s From: [administrator] <> Date: November 3, 2014 at 7:47:40 AM EST To: [student] <> Hello [student], On November 2 at 1:19am you purchased $6.54 worth of merchandise from Lil Joes convenience (see register receipt below).  The register communication was down at the time of the purchase, so your Bearbucks account…

Yidi Wu e tu laundromat

Et tu, laundromat?

Thoughts on laundry, friendship, betrayal, and bats

The thought of doing laundry occurred to me as I stared at the pipes running along the ceiling of my room. The pipes were painted white, but there was an occasional chip in the paint and you could see the silver metal underneath. There were 3 pipes, running parallel to one another; the third was…

clarisse angkasa hating valentines day

roses and thorns

remembering valentine’s day

Let me begin with the absolute worst of clichés: I hate Valentine’s Day. Freshman year, I thought my boyfriend (we’ll call him Max) was really cool. It turns out that he wasn’t (sorry), but the sort of unadulterated adoration that led to this conclusion was emblematic of the stage of infatuation we were at when…