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    Making the Grade

    the schrecking ball

    September 24, 2009
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    GQ  magazine recently named  Brown the #1 douchiest  college in America.  Intimate hygiene may  seem like an odd  basis for comparing  schools,  but a little  research reveals a whole  host of improbable criteria  for ranking schools,  as evident by the  following list of Brown’s  real-life obscure rankings: “#1 most ‘family-friendly’ school in Providence” – Via Via IV And  we thought the University  didn’t get along with  Via Via. Turns out  that horse’s head  on Wriston was just  RISD’s idea of public  art. “#2 brownest university in America” – Crayola Damn  you, John Brown University. “#178 most bro’d out school in America” –tsLax.com 60%  of Brown’s name, but  less than 2% of  its student body. “#1 […]