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love according to hollywood and reality

“you’ve got nothing to lose”

Boy meets girl. In a cute way, like they reach for the same avocado at Whole Foods, or she accidentally takes his cappuccino at Starbucks and their hands meet. Overpriced edible goods are crucial. He asks her out, and even though that big work presentation is coming up, she says yes. “You’ve got nothing to…

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explore the in-between

  I’ve probably been to more bar mitzvahs than you. Having grown up in the heavily Jewish suburbs of northern Chicago, my seventh grade weekends almost always consisted of two, three, or even four services and parties to attend. Indeed, if you’ve ever stayed in a hotel in the Chicago area on a Saturday night,…

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Who Let the Dogs Out

Definitely Not Me

Sometimes, when I’m meeting new people, I like to tell them things about myself that would elicit more intrigue than anything I could say about my hometown or concentration. Some favorites include “I’ve never had a PB&J” and “I’m in a feud with Ethan Hawke.” (I promise I’ll discuss both of these at length in…

Socorro Fernandez Garcia Growing Up Working Title

I’m too old for Spider-Man

Growing Up and Aging Out

Recently, while caught up in a Wikipedia clickstorm, I came across the page for the new Spider-Man movie and found out that boys born in 2001 were considered for the lead role. As a proud baby of the late ’90s—December 1997, in case any readers want to send me a belated birthday present—this fact really…