Chantal Marauta

New Beginnings

And why sometimes they’re the best thing

Leaving my friends behind for a year to go and study abroad was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. After two years of getting to know a group of incredible people and forming an amazing family around me, I now had to leave it all behind and start fresh. The thing that killed…

Summer of Realizing Stuff Doris Liou

The Summer of Realizing Stuff

Kylie is more intellectual than you think

Kylie Jenner kind of had a point when, in an interview on her YouTube channel, she said that 2016 was a year of “realizing stuff.” Sure, her statement is vague and cryptic, but on a deeper level, the word “realizing” and the word “stuff” encompass a whole host of meanings that, when looked at closely,…

From Brandenburg to Currywurst color Nayeon Woo

From Brandenburg to Currywurst

why Berlin has taught me so much

Berlin is a city that has seen an immeasurable amount of heartbreak, injustice, and death. From the brutal Nazi regime to the atrocities of the forced East-West divide, this city has endured its fair share of oppression and segregation. Yet, walking through its vibrant streets, flanked by the beauty of both classic buildings and modern…

josh allen 22ill never be bridget... mulan

I’ll Never Be Mulan, Bridget, or Merida

and that’s completely okay

  A series of personal dramas befell my friend group this past month. While one friend was going through a breakup, another was figuring out her feelings in a budding relationship, and all the while I was going through a chain of existential crises, which involved continuous exasperated exclamations of “What am I going to…

Claribel Wu la dolce vita

La Dolce Vita

the importance of living in the here and now

Federico Fellini’s La Dolce Vita has become a classic of Golden Age cinema. Released in 1960, it stars the suave Marcello Mastroianni as Marcello Rubini, an influential journalist living amongst the glitterati in Rome. Throughout the film, he searches for love and happiness in a glamorous world he believes will bring him satisfaction, and in…