Chantal Marauta

emma marguiles cheerleading spring weekend

blood, sweat, and cheer

confessions and reflections of a brown cheerleader

When I tell people I’m a cheerleader, I’m often greeted with wide eyes, an amused smile, and a question about whether I embody one or more of the characteristics associated with the cheerleader stereotype. Before I write this article, let me make clear that no, neither I nor my teammates are Tina Hammersmith from “Bring…


re-read, re-watch, re-listen

a conversation

This conversation has been edited for clarity and length and includes mild to moderate spoilers for “Gilmore Girls,” “Titanic,” “Love Actually,” and “Inside Out.” Amy Andrews, managing editor of Online: Today I want to talk about this idea I’ve been calling “repeatability”—that is, re-watching movies or TV shows, re-reading books, re-listening to music, etc. To…

mithra krishnan color ola bonjour nihao ciao march 9 2016

ola/bonjour/nihao/ciao, we hail from another planet

the struggles of transitioning from our world to yours

A week before the campus eateries officially open and the majority of the incoming freshman population swarms Brown’s campus for orientation, a smaller group of just under 300 students walks onto this same unnaturally quiet site. They hail from over 60 different countries and speak a myriad of languages—in fact, most are bi- and even…

Mary Oconnor midnight in milan feb 17 2016

midnight in milan

an appreciative tour of a timeless city

When people think of Milan, they usually think of shopping, the gothic Duomo di Milano cathedral at the city’s center, and then more shopping. Milan is a city famous for its impeccable style and lauded for its timeless beauty that attracts countless tourists every year. In this increasingly commercialized, technology-oriented age, tourists jump from designer…

Emma Marguiles friends constantly around Tv Show Friends Nov 4 2015

why can’t my life be like an episode of “friends”?

the struggles and revelations of a tv fanatic

We are part of a generation that collectively finds wonders in the world behind our screens. I know this from personal experience, as I’ve been blown off for the evening countless times by a friend who claimed they were “busy working” and instead ended up catching up on the last season of “How I Met…