charlotte blumenthal

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Warm Skin

a summer fling that gets better after good bye

She shuts the screen door with its peeling paint, and a smile breaks out on her face. An evening well-spent, and the best is yet to come. Sex is good, and his skin is warm. He offers to walk her home, as he does every night, but she declines, as she does every night. Sex…

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Syria on the Screen

Lucky to be an Art Student

  At the end of an art history class I took last semester, we learned about the Ashcan school, which was not an organized group or movement but rather a hodgepodge of painters connected by their choice of subject matter: scenes of the urban quotidian in America with a focus on the poor and working-class….

clarisse angkasa fever color


The first time I watched my favorite movie, Fever Pitch, was shortly after it came out on DVD in 2005, when I was seated comfortably with my older brother on my parent’s bed. People often scoff when I tell them that this is my favorite movie; ultimately, it is an incredibly conventional romcom, rife with…

jenice kim sunday sadness

Sunday Sadness

a reflection on moments gone by

I am only slightly embarrassed to admit that I recently cried while walking onto an airplane listening to some mainstream folk. It wasn’t a full out sob by any means, but a couple sizable tears truly rolled down my cheek during my walk from the gate to seat 29A. I wasn’t mourning any great loss…