claribel wu

doris liou_ chinese feminism

Women can hold up half the sky

Translating Chinese Feminism

I am fourteen years old, and I am visiting China for the first time in twelve years. A murky yellow light floods the train car, and I step gingerly down the narrow walkway, contorting my body to avoid the occasional jutted elbow. The train speeds through the countryside, and each time it dips into a…

Claribel Wu 22How to Quiet Your Mind22

How to Quiet Your Mind

“be gentle with yourself”

  Do you feel trapped within yourself? Are these thoughts / feelings racing through your head: I am incompetent, I can’t do it, I want to give up, my heart is beating so fast, it feels like I’m breathing through a straw that is getting smaller and smaller with every breath, it feels like my…

natasha sharpe typos

The Misprint Multiverse

the rythme I went throat shopping

Inspired by Brenda Miller’s “Typos,” a piece that explores the alternate realities that live in our misspellings and misunderstandings.   “God donut.” Do you know about the origin of donuts? (Cue: “I donut.”) They are the fallen halos of gods and angels and holy aliens, doughy rings of divinity that tumble through dimensions, passing through…

natasha sharpe the essential chore

The Essential Chore

the disciplined pursuit of less

The floor is a sprawling desert of sentimentality, perfumed with the gentle smell of storage. Monumental walls of clothing emerge like remnants from a forgotten era, and pillars of archived birthday cards tilt precariously as items increasingly surface from the dusty depths of some wayward drawer. This is the site of an excavation, spearheaded by…

michelle ng inventions


where thoughts go to rest

“I’d like to imagine that somewhere, somehow, there is a huge warehouse full of hypotheticals—inventions that never came to fruition, solutions that were never tested, and interesting thoughts that were eventually forgotten,” Lin said. As usual, she clutched a greasy bag of Auntie Anne’s pretzel bits, intermittently eating a few in between sentences. Lin and…