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From Way Down Here

smallness, shadows, and self-awareness

I remember sitting in my best friend’s muggy Everett dorm room, chin on my knees, knees against my chest. It was a familiar and comfortable pose that made me feel self-contained. Safe. She and I were in the middle of a heated discussion when, in the middle of it, she stopped—“Claribel, why do you always…

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BFF, Bread Friends Forever

no bun intended

We all have friends that fall into a certain archetype. In the spirit of Tumblr “tag yourself” memes, I’d like to present these archetypes through some carby characters. Baguette. Baguettes are the friends that go to Europe for, like, one summer and therefore think they are oh-so-cultured. They also like things neat and tidy, and…

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of soil and soul

how wwoofing gave me a new life philosophy

Summer in Japan is a visceral experience. The air is always thick with an inundative, omnipresent humidity and cicadas chatter constantly in the background, their rhythmic song swelling in gentle crescendos and decrescendos. I remember noticing these details the first night I arrived in Hino, Japan. This quiet suburban town, partitioned by the criss-crossing veins…

escape rooms

thinking outside the box by locking yourself into one

385 South Main Street. That was the address on the Escape Rhode Island website and the address that we put into our Uber app, but when we pulled up beside a dimly lit, rickety-looking building, I had some doubts. There was nobody in the area, and after our driver left, the street settled into a…

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captivating language, and where it can take you

As much as I’d like to take credit for the fantastic pun “other-wordly,” it belongs to the URL of one of my favorite tumblrs ( It is a blog dedicated to the appreciation of strange and lovely words. Yee-Lum, a creative writing major and the mind behind other-wordly, elaborates on the concept: “Sometimes those are…