claribel wu

diana hong soundtracks and sensations march 23 2016

puzzle pieces

the right vibes for the right times

Have you ever heard a song for the first time and thought, “Whoa, this is the perfect song for ______”? The perfect song for walking on the beach when the waves are violent, dark, and frothy; for watching the sunrise on a rooftop that you’re not allowed to be on; for when you’re in the…

clarisse angkasa a little book of mindfulness march 9 2016

the little book of mindfulness

a guide to redefining what it means to live

What is mindfulness? You’ve probably seen that word mentioned casually in various articles, self-help books, or passing conversations. If you haven’t, that’s all right too. There’s never a right or wrong time for mindfulness; it’s an ongoing lifestyle choice that you can adopt whenever you feel is right. Back to that first question. Mindfulness. What…

katie cafaro cutting and dying hair color feb 24 2016

I Am My Hair

a new ‘do gives way to a new you

Over winter break, I felt a little odd. I guess the best way to describe it is that feeling you get when you come back to your room and realize that something has changed, and it takes you a while to realize it’s because the poster you only subconsciously acknowledge fell off the wall while…

Katie Cafao Thanksgiivng dec 2 2015

carving narratives

a taiwanese thanksgiving

I was six years old, sitting in one of those soon-to-be-familiar dark navy plastic chairs, the ones that would hurt my butt for the entirety of my elementary school days. It was almost Thanksgiving, and my teacher read aloud for us a picture book that mapped out all the stereotypical requisites for this American holiday:…

Katie Cafaro listen to your artbeat color nov 18 2015

listen to your artbeat

a club, and its creative impulse

At Brown, it’s simply impossible to join all the clubs or participate in all the events. We have to prioritize how we spend our time, no matter how much we’d like to experience every interesting thing happening on campus. Yet, in the claustrophobic bustle of the fall activities fair, I was still able to find…