Colette Bertschy

In Defense of Discourse

the politics of intellectual diversity

  There were two of them, standing in front of the soda dispenser in the Ratty, bodies tense and movements agitated. “You can’t say that.” I saw her hands clenching and unclenching by her waist, face scrunched up in frustration. “I know you disagree, but I’m just saying that— ” “You’re wrong.” “Just let me…

diana hong as the world watches 1

the world watches

our planet’s latest entertainment: the 2016 US Election.

I felt the pleasant buzz settle in as I finished off my bottle of wine. Swaying slowly in time with the music, my consciousness drifted among the sea of students celebrating the start of our mid-semester break. The dim lights illuminated my friend Sarah’s long, curly hair as she threw her head back and laughed…

Julie Benbassat 22call me maybe22

So Call Me, Maybe

the double standard of communication and connection

Living in this era where technological innovations enable nearly constant, instantaneous communication is a blessing and a curse. On one hand, we have the unprecedented ability to connect with our friends and family the very instant the desire to do so strikes us. A quick text, a couple buttons pushed to place a call, a…