Daniella Balarezo

accepting radio silence Kira Widjaja 5

Radio Somewhere

Commemorating WBRU

“This place is a shithole!” yells Annie Clark, the face behind the indie/art rock icon that is St. Vincent. Clark is giving a concert in downtown Providence at the famed Lupo’s Heartbreak Hotel, a spacious yet intimate venue on Washington Street. Clark, donning a dress of sequined silver and black flames, is perched up on…

claribelwu_khalid 1

An “American Teen” Living the Dream

A soundtrack of fun, angsty, youthful soundscapes

A few birds are chirping. An alarm is going off in the distance. A sweet, slow electronic melody and an upbeat synth reminiscent of all the greatest ’80s songs you’ve ever heard carries in a smooth-yet-raspy, soulful voice. Living the good life full of goodbyes, Khalid Robinson, whose stage name is simply “Khalid,” sings, My…

clarisse angkasa 22series of unfortunate events22

A Fortunate Series

of unfortunate events

Look away, look away, this show will wreck your evening, your whole life and your day, every single episode is nothing but dismay, so look away, look away, look away. These are the lyrics to the opening scene and theme song of the new Netflix series, A Series of Unfortunate Events. Based on the book…

michelle ng gilmore girls revival

gilmore girls escapism

a revival worth watching

October 5, 2016. 7:30 a.m.   Vanuatu Coffee Roasters, a local coffee shop on Federal Hill, is swarmed with at least a hundred people—many of them sporting Brown University sweatshirts. Cars driving down Atwells Avenue slow down and cause traffic as drivers and passengers alike do comical double-takes to survey the long line forming down…

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Women on Vinyl

new trends for an old medium

The author would like to note that “women” in this piece includes gender nonconforming people as well as female-identifying people. The first record I ever played on a record player of my very own was Joan Baez’s “5.” Joan Baez, for those of us who weren’t alive in the ‘60s and aren’t history buffs now,…