Divya Santhanam


Ram could barely see the gate on his ticket. He attempted to read the words but could not. A tightness in his chest began to spread all over his body, slowly stiffening his muscles, collapsing the walls of his chest. He stumbled through the Pearson Airport, past the families that surrounded him, oblivious to the…

let’s get our free lattes!

reporting from shiru café

My mother always told me not to give my personal information to strangers. Especially strangers that offer me food. Who knew that after sixteen years of carefully following her advice, I’d give it all up for a latte. The latest in a chain of Shiru Café opened in Providence last month. Their mission statement is…

Book Signing (Erica Lewis)

a book signing

four strangers become friends

Meeting your favorite writer in the flesh and blood is not always the same as reading their thoughts in paper and ink. Their voice, which fills pages with its rich magic, does not sound the same when they speak aloud. It is easy to expect writers to be an amalgamation of their characters—both vulnerable and…



a grandfather in perspective

Rustic cupboards and light gray walls. An old man and a young girl. The camera clicks too fast.  Her eyes wide and adoring, the girl is still looking up at her grandfather. In his lap, she is surrounded by the familiar warm scent of clean clothing, incense, tobacco, and paan. Her grandfather looks straight at…

Doris Liou hair bw


navigating hair as an indian-canadian woman

I am seven years old, sitting in the car next to one of my family friends. The light from the street lamps occasionally flits into the dark car, illuminating parts of our skin. “Look at my arms,” she tells me. Through the dimmed glow of fluorescent yellow light, I catch a glimpse of her tanned…