Eliza Cain

BEAM (Harim Choi)

Opportunity Calls

BEAM and the Bubble

Freshman year, I didn’t get out much. Before you start assuming I was a shy, introverted hermit who never socialized with my peers, I mean getting out more in the metaphorical sense—the metaphor being the “college bubble.” As adventurous and exploratory as I thought I would be upon coming to college, in reality, I rarely…

jenice kim _fair weather friends

Fair Weather Friends

“I was being replaced”

I dipped my spoon in the purple dye, searching for my egg to check its hue before letting it sink back into the vinegar concoction. I attempted to pass the utensil to Emma, but she was still immersed in her phone, eyes glued to the screen as the seconds ticked by on yet another Snapchat…

clarisse angkasa violins

An Elegy

my violin & me

My violin hasn’t left my dorm room closet since October. It’s sitting there right now, untouched and unplayed, only visible when I dig around for a lost pair of shoes. I can’t help but feel conflicted every time I see it, like it’s begging for a breath of fresh air. Violin has been a major…

claribel wu 22Do I need the pill on College Hill22

Planning Ahead

do I need the pill on college hill?

The paper covering the examination table crinkled under my jeans as I crossed and uncrossed my legs. Children’s books sat in a metal basket attached to the wall, and a brightly colored mural of the planets adorned most of the room. It was my farewell appointment with my pediatrician. I was 18 and leaving for…