Emerson Tenney

summertime eating

“shimmers of time”

Of all my many food memories, I most vividly remember convening on the wrap-around front porch of the Vassilaros’ summer home. The house, a converted chicken farm and one of the few vestiges of a time before Bridgehampton was synonymous with excess, was built on coffee. The people behind the coffee are tall, tan, and…


to be in the kitchen

what happens to make a meal

The time between Christmas Eve morning and Christmas Eve night used to feel weeks long. This year was the first year I realized it was only ever a few hours. Of course there were also the days leading up to the party—the 22nd and the 23rd, and those, too, were small infinities—but it was only…

Trust Me - Linda Liu


a friendship in conversation

        In Japanese, “omakase” means that a sushi chef has taken full responsibility for their diner’s experience of a meal. They have chosen the highest quality fish, the most seasonal ingredients, the type of dishes they will serve, and the order in which they will serve them. For diners, “omakase” means that…