• Emma Murray

    nordic noir

    from macabre to mainstream

    April 21, 2016
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    You’ve probably heard the story before. The protagonist: a pessimistic, troubled detective, far from classically heroic. The premise: a gripping, intricate, and disturbing crime. The backdrop: a rainy, bleak northern European city. The twist: a complexity in the detective’s personal life, never touted as a big deal but usually compelling and maybe surprising. The romance: […]

    The Hypocrisy of Om

    Is yoga just another bout of cultural appropriation?

    February 11, 2016
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    Patanjali, an Indian sage, first documented Yoga around 200 CE in his work Yoga Sutra, establishing the foundation for the nearly 2,000 years of yoga that has since followed. For Patanjali, the physical practice of “yoga” as we now know it was only a small part of his original spiritual doctrine. So how did a […]

    the “female climber” dilemma

    the paradoxical nature of recognizing “first female ascents”

    November 5, 2015
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    In 2013, Chris Noble published “Women Who Dare, ” a collection of profiles of America’s 20 most inspiring women climbers. Falcon Guides, the publisher, called it “a celebration of feminine beauty, athleticism, wisdom and skill.” The compilation of so many anecdotal experiences paints a comprehensive, and inspirational, account of the trials and accomplishments of women […]

    jackson, vonnegut, and garcia marquez

    literary masterminds in the short story landscape

    October 22, 2015
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    As short stories, these pieces of literature are quick, one-sitting reads. Their succinct styles embody all the intensity of larger works of writing, but pack a quick and very effective punch that drives points home in hugely effective ways. Carefully and artfully crafted, every word in a short story counts and every sentence carries meaning. […]

    please, not another euphemism

    reusable menstrual products could help end the social stigma that surrounds having a period

    October 1, 2015
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    We find a million ways to avoid saying it —it’s “that time of the month, ” or “Aunt Flo came for a visit.” For those not feeling so delicate, they’re “on the rag” or “surfing the crimson tide.” When the cramps get bad, many women still claim headaches or stomach bugs. Tampons, pads, and panty […]