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    what are we thankful for in 2020?

    November 20, 2020
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    Things: In a year spent motion sick, it’s the things I could grip onto. A pencil, at first, tucked in a new notebook, sheathed in black matte leather. For thoughts and their consequences, words. The hard spine of On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous. A story that, for the first time, invited me to join it […]

    polishing off the thanksgiving plate

    not the perfect day, not just another thursday

    November 19, 2020
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    If you asked me a year ago what my perfect Thanksgiving was, I’d have immediately shown you one thing: Bon Appétit’s Making Perfect: Thanksgiving. The holiday follow-up to their breakout series Making Perfect: Pizza, these videos had everything I wanted. Decadent shots of burnished turkey skin, tournament-style brackets pitting pumpkin against pecan pie (they settled […]