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Stephanie Zhou some kind of falling april 20 color

some kind of falling

a tourist’s history of cuzco

He flew over the Andes, over the homes pouring smoke like warmed milk, over the children who waved up at him, the owl. The flying owl, his face like a clean dish, pierced secrets and encouraged silence in his people. Ayar Awka, who was now an owl, had left his brother at home because he…

emily reif structural memories march 23 2016 color

Structural Memories

A Farm Written Through its Buildings

Mill Burn all barns and mills and their contents, salve and drive off all stock in the region, which is difficult in a Virginia town built from stone.* The miller, when he discovered his business would be the spoils of war, offered the Union soldiers a meal, but after they had eaten his bribe and wiped…

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An honest education

life at beacon academy

On Annabell’s first day at Beacon Academy in September 2011, the first thing she learned was how to shake a person’s hand. Her class walked outside and formed a circle, and Mervan Osborne, Assistant Head of School, walked up to a student and shook his or her hand. He pointed out the importance of eye…

Nellie Robinson river_surfing

the art of river surfing

shredding the gnar in missoula, montana

On a sunny July day in Missoula, Montana, eight men with surfboards and wetsuits walk down Main Street, but the Pacific is 3,896 miles away. I can’t help but wonder: Which way to the beach? Missoula rests in the foothills of five major mountain ranges. The mountains are yellow, and shadows of hikers ascend in…