Holly Zheng

Embracing getting lost

finding my way

embracing getting lost

The wind cut my hands sharply, but I could feel the rest of my body heating up under my heavy windbreaker. As I ascended the steep slope of College Hill, the few RISD shuttles I passed assured me that I was walking in the right direction. After a few more minutes of walking up the…


thoughts in the clouds

retrieving memories from airports

  Airports make me feel a whirlwind of emotions. After flying around thirty flights within the past four years, mostly between my home city, Beijing, and my boarding high school near Boston, I have come to recognize airports as places for reflection. Since I traveled alone on most of these trips, I hatched my thoughts…


interlocked by five rings

remembering the 2008 olympics

A few days after this past August 8, I was on my way to attend a conference at the National Convention Center inside Beijing’s Olympic Village. While riding the No. 8 subway line, I passed the Olympic Green station. As the car decelerated, the recorded message from the overhead speakers reminded passengers to get off…