• Ingrid Ren

    father (sometimes) knows best

    memories of love in its many forms

    February 26, 2021
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    My family is congregated around our marble kitchen island, and my dad is refusing to take a DNA test. He’s a tiny bit upset because my mom, my brother, and I all succumbed to curiosity and shelled out $100 each (as well as our saliva, souls, and secrets) to 23andMe, fully expecting to hear that […]

    family of four

    a story, or not, of gentrification

    February 18, 2021
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    When I was in the fifth grade, my family of four moved into a penthouse studio apartment located in downtown San Francisco, elegantly named Symphony Towers. An odd location for a family, the building was filled with young, single professionals and couples—the kinds of people you’d imagine wanting to live in the center of a […]

    for the first time

    trusting myself after cheating

    October 22, 2020
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    When I cheated, when I lay next to someone else, all I could think about was my partner and how much hurt he would feel when he found out. In the moment, I didn’t think of myself or my present guilt, I didn’t think of the person lying behind me, hand on my hip, or […]