• Jack Brook

    view from the west bank

    faith and loathing in the holy land

    April 25, 2018
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    Within the walls of Jerusalem lies a grotto of timelessness, a place where the presence of history beckons in the alleys and every corner contains a scrap of sacredness to covet. Monks cross themselves under sanctified arches as pilgrims shuffle forward on canes, overcome by a silent wonder at their presence in the City of […]

    Charlie Brown Comes Home

    how the clemency initiative saved one man from life imprisonment

    October 4, 2017
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    Nobody stays long at the Anthony P. Travisono Intake Service Center in Providence, Rhode Island, and nobody wants to. Serving as the first stop for over 1,200 incarcerated people on their way into the criminal justice system each month, conditions are poor—the stale confines reek of musty clothes and pepper lingering from the mace spray […]

    The Night Patrolman Part Two

    the making of Officer Gutierrez

    September 20, 2017
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    Gutierrez honed his interpersonal skills working at the Donald W. Wyatt maximum security prison. He hadn’t wanted to work there, but after marrying his high-school girlfriend and giving up his dream of playing pro football, he realized he needed a job to pay the bills and support the daughter they were expecting. He often worked […]

    The Night Patrolman

    Community Policing Informed by a Troubled Past

    September 14, 2017
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    The boy waits for the screams to start. He and his brothers go to sleep early each night, lying five in a bed, hoping to evade the sounds that haunt their home and suffocate their ears. The boy can never close his eyes. He lies there listening, tense. The boy lives with his Dominican mother […]