• jennifer osborne

    why i left new york

    love, loss, and thanksgiving

    November 9, 2018
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    hard-boiled romance My freshman year of college, I would schlep down to New York City once a month to see a boy from high school. We had a great time going to the Met and eating oversized pizza. By the start of sophomore year, however, my trips had become more of a chore than anything […]

    too close for comfort

    the 5(+1) people we met in our freshmen dorms

    October 18, 2018
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    1) The Alarm Clock Every day exactly at 8:01 p.m., the boy would pass the common room lounge as he went to see his girlfriend. It became so routine that we would refer to him as the “Alarm Clock.” In fact, I no longer needed to check my cell phone for the time. Every Tuesday, as […]

    Filling the Void

    An Interview with PVDonuts

    October 25, 2017
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    Lori Kettelle does not know why donuts are round, but that hasn’t stopped her from building Providence’s very own donut empire. In the sanctum that produces College Hill’s most popular weekend indulgence, she tells the PVDonuts story, one of a rise to greatness as impressive as those on the yeasted rounds in her display case. […]


    Give us this day our daily bread

    September 14, 2017
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    I find out about Hurricane Harvey in the middle of a non-stop flight to Houston, too focused on finding coffee before takeoff to check The Atlantic Daily at the airport. Reading about the worst hurricane to hit the United States in 12 years didn’t have immediate impact—from above, everything is soft, tea-logged Biscoffs and cotton […]

    this is my story

    supergirl’s struggle for autonomy

    October 27, 2016
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    Psylocke has been my favorite comic character ever since her appearance in the Uncanny X-Force series from 2010. With ninja-like combat skills and psychic powers, she proves again and again in a short twenty-five-issue series that she is tough as nails and unapologetic about her flaws. Yet her appearance in this year’s Age of Apocalypse […]