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message in a bottle

How the culture around Soylent obscures its potential

“What is Soylent?” asks the voice, as two friends on opposite ends of a picnic blanket drink, deep from plastic white bottles. “Soylent is food.” Well, kind of. The voice qualifies: “While not intended to replace every meal, Soylent can replace any meal …” The camera follows the bottle as it jumps between different scenes…

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the witching hour

how i became a morning person

Bit by bit over the past year, I’ve realized the unthinkable has happened: I’ve become a morning person. I started off very much on the late night end of the spectrum, although in high school the distinction seemed a little irrelevant. I was chronically sleep deprived during the week and stayed in bed until 11…

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the trace of a memory

I hear her name through the loudspeaker. The principal’s voice, normally like gravel in a high power blender, comes out in choking stop and starts. He says he regrets to inform us. Ms. Kowalski is unamused, standing arms crossed and hip cocked next to the chalk drawing of a stick figure suspended between points A…

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he’s a business, man

While trying to hide my ignorance of most of this year’s Spring Weekend’s acts in discussion with various people around campus, I thought it would be worthwhile to get more info on one of the more popular acts that I may or may not have known almost nothing about before writing this article: Diplo. Knowing…

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a new harvest

bourbon, lattes, and urban renewal in the providence arcade

When I heard about a coffee shop in downtown Providence that turns into a whiskey bar after hours, I imagined an artsier, coffee-er version of Paragon/Viva, and wondered how this model—coffee shop by day, raucous whiskey bar by night—could possibly have caught on. Once I actually set out to visit New Harvest Coffee and Spirits,…