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“Divide” and Conquer

ed sheeran wants to rule the world

Last year, ahead of the release of Adele’s latest album 25, I wrote a piece explaining how her previous effort 21 was, by the numbers, arguably the biggest album of all time in terms of sales and how inimitable all of her success had become. There is one artist, however, who fancies himself as Adele’s…

michelle ng _Aspirational Hip Hop in a Troubling Time

Aspirational Hip Hop in a Troubling Time

Modern Rap, Memes, and Culture

A week ago, a gentleman by the name of Justin Good started a petition on entreating the NFL to “replace Lady Gaga with the Migos for Superbowl LI Halftime Show.” By sheer force of memes, the petition circulated and currently sits at over 50,000 signatures. Publications couldn’t resist the clickbait potential, and sites like…

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perspectives of paxson

brown and the east side

This summer I had the pleasure of interning at Providence Media, which distributes four lifestyle magazines all over Rhode Island on a monthly basis. Their content is centered around local lifestyle—new restaurants, small businesses, upcoming events, and interesting people are often the centerpieces of their articles—and is therefore catered toward the local people. One day…


a disparate duo bringing house into the future

Funkinevil, a duo known for zany interpretations of house music, has a tricky time slot as the openers for this Spring Weekend. While organizers want to get the party immediately pumping, they also want to make the starting minutes accessible for stragglers and those still a little too buzzed to know what’s going on. Funkinevil…

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zayn—mind of mine

the first to go solo is the first to struggle

In May of 2014, a video leaked online of One Direction bandmates Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik riding in their tour bus and—gasp!—smoking marijuana. Besides some over-dramatic headlines, a flurry of apologetic tweets, and a couple meltdowns from diehard fans whose beloved faves were suddenly problematic, nothing really noteworthy followed. The only damage done was…