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Character Assassination

Snakes, Narratives, and Taylor Swift

When “Look What You Made Me Do” dropped, I became convinced that there’s a distinct part of Taylor Swift that enjoys trolling her fans. For the third time in a row, she’s dropped a lead single that’s weird and obnoxious and annoying but also undeniably catchy, and half of me absolutely hates it, and the…


Brown’s 2017 Spring Weekend Playlist

a closer look at this year’s spring weekend performers

PRINCESS NOKIA Destiny Nicole Frasqueri has gone through a number of stage name changes, from Wavy Spice (which is a better name than Scary Spice) to the singular Destiny. Her latest incarnation goes by Princess Nokia, and she describes the persona as a representation of her “multi-dimensional aspects.” For a singer so concerned with questions…

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A Penguin at the End of the World

the death of our childhood games

  Club Penguin shut down on March 30th at the stroke of midnight PST. It was the end of an online game that, through its decade-long existence, was a defining part of growing up for generations of kids. Its death was a symbolic one as well, yet another reminder of the ephemerality of our childhood…

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“Divide” and Conquer

ed sheeran wants to rule the world

Last year, ahead of the release of Adele’s latest album 25, I wrote a piece explaining how her previous effort 21 was, by the numbers, arguably the biggest album of all time in terms of sales and how inimitable all of her success had become. There is one artist, however, who fancies himself as Adele’s…

michelle ng _Aspirational Hip Hop in a Troubling Time

Aspirational Hip Hop in a Troubling Time

Modern Rap, Memes, and Culture

A week ago, a gentleman by the name of Justin Good started a petition on entreating the NFL to “replace Lady Gaga with the Migos for Superbowl LI Halftime Show.” By sheer force of memes, the petition circulated and currently sits at over 50,000 signatures. Publications couldn’t resist the clickbait potential, and sites like…