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michelle ng what lies ahead for kesha march 2 2016

what lies ahead for kesha?

the scary power of record labels

Pop quiz #1: What song was the first to go No. 1 in the current decade? The answer is “TiK ToK, ” Kesha’s debut single (not counting her chorus for Flo Rida’s “Right Round, ” for which she isn’t even credited) that made her glitter-soaked style a household name in 2010. Following it were platinum…

the top 50 songs of 2015

a year in review

50. Ryn Weaver – “OctaHate” “Lost in the riddle you gave me / Caught in the middle, you played me” Marimba! Voice cracks! Kooky lyrics that range from the overwritten (“Shot through the cracks of the earthquake / My body’s moving into retrograde”) to the unneededly symbolic (“And you’re the dynamite in my chains”) to…

michelle ng adele dec 2 2015

adele, by the numbers

on the most successful artist of our generation

If we’re talking about Adele, we should talk about her sophomore album “21, ” and if we’re talking about “21, ” a number, we might as well talk about other numbers. “21” has, for example, sold at least 28 million copies worldwide, with an estimated 12 million in the United States alone. This is remarkable…

Mary O'connor -review of a Tov Lo concert- Nov 4 2015

love, sex, and other unhappy things

a night with pop star tove lo

When I think of Sweden, two things come to mind: furniture and indie singers. Ignoring the former for now, consider Robyn, the 90s and 00s star turned critical queen, beloved now by hipsters and poptimists alike. Then there’s Lykke Li, whose mainstream relevance amounts to a song for “The Fault in Our Stars,” and iamamiwhoami,…

katie cafaro, e sports, issue 2, september 23

game over?

the plight of esports at brown

Did you ever play Super Smash Bros. Melee as a kid? You know, that game where you controlled Nintendo’s most iconic characters (and a couple random ones—“Who the heck is Marth?” my prepubescent self often wondered) in a brutal battle to the death. It was that game where Princess Peach could smack Kirby with a…