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Talking Through Taylor Swift’s Latest Album

On November 10th, Taylor Swift released her sixth studio album Reputation. The managing editor of A&C, Joshua Lu, and section editor Josh Wartel discuss the new album. Joshua Lu: Before I share my thoughts on the album, I should admit something: I’m just sick and tired of Taylor Swift. I’m tired of her as an…

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Keep Dreaming

The Bold Visions of Song to Song

  The characters of Terrance Malick’s new film, Song to Song, could be weightless. In one scene, Faye (Rooney Mara) and BV (Ryan Gosling) float in zero gravity while flying on Cook’s (Michael Fassebender) private plane. These people dance and sing, live on the top floors of skyscrapers, and watch the sun set in the…

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Turning off Trump TV

American goes dark after Election Day

“Who would have guessed that everything could end so suddenly on a pretty Tuesday morning?” – Jonathan Franzen, Sep. 24, 2001 No one who showed up for the Brown Democrats victory party in Metcalf Auditorium on Tuesday night had ever seen anything like this. Under two enormous screens streaming CNN and CBS, many of us…

Huddle Up, We’re Dreaming

A football family finds home in Netflix’s Last Chance U

In Massillon, Ohio, where they’ve been playing high school football since 1894, football starts at birth and ends at death. Or, if you believe in heaven, then there is surely Tigers football there as well. In a town of only 33,000 people, the football stadium seats 16,600. The Tigers Booster Club visits maternity wards to…

katie cafaro black and white review of sonya sotomayors my beloved world sep 14 2016

her so-called world:

sonia sotomayor’s sees only one side

“What made the difference between two children who began almost as twins?” asks Sonia Sotomayor near the conclusion of .  She is contrasting the diverging paths of her own life and a childhood friend, Nelson. Nelson was smarter, she says, with a father who loved him more than Sotomayor’s father, an alcoholic who died young,…