• Kahini Mehta


    from contortionist to woman

    March 8, 2019
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    From the day I set foot in my first school, I knew what I was. I was not a woman. I was not a girl. I was a contortionist: bending my limbs and entangling my arms until I could fit into whatever box felt the snuggest around my hips. The box was like one made […]

    to all the boys who screwed her (over)

    from her best friend

    February 22, 2019
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    My best friend and I, we were transcendent. She transcended boundaries, and I transcended borders to be her best friend. My other friends hated it. “I just don’t agree with her lifestyle,” one of them told me one day. I told her she didn’t have to. My best friend acted like she didn’t care. Most […]

    Class of 2020 Admitted Students Introduction

    September 4, 2018
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    Post by Noah Etal: Hey guys… I know I’m a little bit late to the party (this is a poorly-disguised and jealousy-fuelled jab at all you ED folks that got into your first choice) but my mom likes to joke that I’ve been late for everything including my birth. I will now proceed to share even more […]