• Kyoko Leaman

    IHOP french toast

    on stealing back empty hours

    February 18, 2021
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    Gray hush of the predawn morning. Blue gravel cracks under my heels. We are lit up by the twinkle of my light-up sneakers, blue-pink-orange LEDs bursting with every footfall. My mom lifts me into my cushioned booster seat, but I buckle the seatbelt myself. She gets in the driver’s side, my father in the passenger […]

    turn the page together

    renewal, rina sawayama, and the new year

    February 4, 2021
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    Down the subway, you looked my way With your girl gaze, with your girl gaze   I was 17 when I heard the song “Cherry” for the first time. The high school cafeteria was deafening and washed-out and terrible, but I wasn’t listening. A playlist called “wlw pop” rolled through my cheap earbuds, the volume […]