lauren aratani


the battle of forgetting

viet thanh nguyen rewrites the vietnam war experience

“I’m a refugee. It feels funny to say that because if you look at me, it’s obvious that I made the transition from refugee to bourgeoisie,” said Viet Thanh Nguyen as he stood in front of a packed room in Pembroke Hall on Wednesday night. Just moments before, as Nguyen first took the podium, he…

emily reif an essay about life back home in hawaii oct 28 2015

life on pause

thoughts on having a double life

Ever since I started college, I’ve felt like I have two separate lives: one life at home and the other at Brown. When I leave one to go to the other, it’s as if I’m un-pausing the life that I had before leaving. I distinctly remember the first time I visited home after being away…