liza edwards-levin


three everyday fears

climbing, croissants, and careerlab

Before bed every night, I list fears that rise to the surface. Some are real enough to cast a shadow over my week: midterms, flu season, fatigue. Others are so irrational, I write “not real” in the margins. I think of these as everyday fears: not dangerous, but just real enough to stick. This week,…


the rat lap

come for lunch rush, stay for run-ins

My first-ever Ratty meal, I forgot how to feed myself. The dining hall’s roundabout shape confused me; after half a round, I was already lost. Meanwhile, new floormates clustered: filling booths, picking at the salad bar in search of fries. I grabbed a fist-sized bowl, too small for dinner, and frantically filled it to the…

Nayeon Woo Illust

faces, places, cable car spaces

bringing french film to providence

I walked down College Hill to Cable Car Cinema on a rainy Sunday. That afternoon, I planned to see the Academy Award-nominated film Faces Places (Visages, villages), screened as part of the Providence French Film Festival. I predicted the scene I would be met with: a quiet, cozy space soundtracked by the hum of a…