mari legagnoux

Katie cafaro carousel color april 27

spinning out

the unbridled immorality of carousel

Content warning: This piece discusses abusive behavior and mentions suicide. The whimsically titled “Carousel” at first seems to be a heartwarming romp of a love story, as young men and women seek innocent fun at the fair. Yet a dark side to the patriarchal power dynamics of the play is quickly revealed—a dark side that…

katie cafaro mr burns simpsons play color

this apocalypse, think “simpsons,” not zombies

salvation in springfield?

“Mr. Burns, a post-electric play” crafts a reality that is both welcoming and challenging as it follows a group of apocalypse survivors as they attempt to entertain and distract themselves by retelling episodes of “The Simpsons.” We see the story morph as the show’s setting jumps from ground zero in Act I to seven years…