Monica Chin

peter herrara enigneering camp march 2 2016


a q&a with sophia gluskin-braun

Here’s our conversation with Sophia Gluskin-Braun, the coordinator of Spira, a summer engineering camp for young women. Monica Chin: For people who haven’t heard of Spira, could you give a brief description of the camp and its mission? Sophia Gluskin-Braun: Spira is a free four-week summer camp at Brown for 15-20 young women going into the 10th…

bev johnson bob ross color nov 11 2015

happy accidents

in memory of bob ross

The music is slow, low, in a blissful major key. The sky is a lavender that even my cynical eyes concede is pleasant, and the arms of trees embrace a river that lazily meanders its way toward me. The painting pulls me in, convincing every atom in my body, one by one, of the brilliance…

mary oconnor interview with mental health awareness group 1 oct 28 2015

you are not alone

q&a with mental health activist stefanie kaufman

By the time Stefanie Kaufman ‘17 graduated from high school, she was already founder and CEO of Project LETS, a non-profit organization supporting students and young adults with mental illness all over the world. Post- sat down with Stefanie to talk about her work as a mental health leader and the current state of mental…

mary oconnor disney movies oct 21 2015

an assortment of disney movies

according to someone who has never seen them

Brace yourself: I have never seen a Disney movie. Yes, commence very loud, aghast incredulity. Yes, I am a real human. No, I do not live under a rock. No, I did not have a morose childhood plagued with malady and woe. Don’t worry, I’m very, very used to it. Are you quite finished? Good,…

Emily Reif Sexual Assult 3_11_15

three years later

narratives of brown’s sexual assault reform

Three years ago, she ran into him at a party in the basement of a house: a tall man from her history class with bushy eyebrows, a wry smile, and a biting charisma. His smile was slightly slanted off-center, but amidst the smoke and haze of the room, the cloud of her own inebriation, and…