• Nicole Fegan

    ascending through the clouds

    life, learning, and how to train your dragon

    February 22, 2019
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    The opening line of the first How to Train Your Dragon book is, “There were dragons when I was a boy.” There’s no warning—just the fact that there were dragons once, and then they were gone. As my official entrance to the HTTYD universe, this was an unpleasant jolt. What do you mean the dragons […]

    slice of heaven

    crepes and friends

    November 16, 2018
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    “Are you kidding me? It’s like a pocket full of goodness.” We are bent over four Nutella crepes, tucked inside the best hidden place in all of Providence: La Creperie on Fones Alley. Over the past few weeks, we have made our way through all of the Brown University staples, including Baja’s, Bagel Gourmet, and […]

    Three Queens

    Reckoning with Indie Supergroup boygenius

    November 9, 2018
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    Looking at my Apple Music last month, I noticed that among my most played songs were six by indie artist Phoebe Bridgers and three by indie artist Julien Baker. Over the past few years, female-fronted indie music has become something of a specialty of mine. So when it was announced that Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridgers, […]

    songs of sadness

    the communal loneliness of julien baker

    April 26, 2018
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    I hope I cut myself shaving tomorrow / I hope it bleeds all day long I discovered Julien Baker’s 2015 album Sprained Ankle last summer in a sticky hot, sun-ridden dorm room in Durham, North Carolina—not exactly the perfect setting for an album containing the lyric “Wish I could write songs about anything other than […]

    the new generation

    building communities at brown

    March 15, 2018
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    When I joined my high school’s tech crew freshman year, I was one of the first girls accepted onto the crew in five years—one of the first girls to pick up those drills, gain expertise with a circular saw, and run construction projects. In the years that followed, more girls joined, building impressive set pieces […]