• Nicole Fegan

    House of Fear

    not damaged, still scathed

    February 1, 2018
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    The week I started reading House of Leaves, I found myself frightened by the static of my hair. I am not normally a paranoid person. However, halfway through the novel, while innocuously walking across my room, I felt a few hairs rise due to the static, and my immediate response was fear. Was this connected […]

    circle dancing

    aluminum foils

    November 29, 2017
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    There is hardly a piece of public art on this campus that isn’t a little bit strange. There’s Blueno, a giant blue teddy bear with a lamp impaling its spine up through its head. On the Main Green, there’s a fake tree with a large rock sitting comfortably on its tallest branches. Sure, there are […]

    a solitary nature

    in between lives

    November 8, 2017
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    Everything about autumn feels like a slow exhale. Summer is the stress of shoulders up to my ears: a time of constant social obligations because no warm night can go to waste, renewed body image issues, and summer job responsibilities that consume life for three months until they disappear in my mind where memories go […]

    Voices Carry

    Can slam poetry still inspire?

    April 20, 2017
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    “You took my heart like a thief in the night, placed it in the iridescent colors of your soul, put it in a box. Locked it with a key, and kept it. That’s how you start it, with a deep ass line.” This is how Daisy Armstrong begins her 2011 spoken word poem “This Shit […]

    Spring Nights

    “a periwinkle that grounds me”

    April 20, 2017
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    Spring nights beg oxymoron: a windchill waxing, disturbing the 80-degree heat. My skin transporting into summer as the dark sky whispers tender memories of winter. I cannot tell if the sky is cloudless or composed of one giant, incoming blue-gray thunderstorm. The wind blows tears into my eyes as Elliott Smith’s “Between the Bars” plays […]